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Awaken Agni.

Tending to the INNER FIRE.

A Mini Retreat Afternoon (Celebrating the arrival of Spring).

Saturday 25th March

2 to 5.15pm

at The Sussex Country Yurt, Warnham, Horsham.

Take 'time out'.

Escape to this countryside sanctuary and enjoy an afternoon therapeutic and nourishing yoga practice.  

At this time of the year the Sun graces us with increasingly longer periods of illumination. We too, are encouraged to lighten up, re-open and awaken the mind, body and soul.

We will align ourselves into the new season, learning through Ayurveda and Yoga and enjoying practices to 'balance', ‘lighten up’ and shake off ‘sluggish-ness’ so we can step into Spring with renewed energy.

We will connect to FIRE element through yoga asana, pranayama, rest and meditation practices.

We will close the afternoon with tea, cake and reflection/open chat.

£50BOOK ONLINE to join this group.

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