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Ayurveda Consultations and Massage Therapy
Revive Energy | Boost Immunity | Balance Lifestyle


Ayurveda Consultations

All treatment plans require an initial consultation.

The consultation invites detailed discussion about your diet, daily habits and routines, eliminations, quality of sleep and mental and physical activity. 

A bespoke treatment plan will be provided to include nutrition, lifestyle changes and possibly herbal medicine. 

Herbs are at an additional cost to the consultation rates below. Cost of additional herbs is from £8 to £15 per item (approx 2 -3 weeks supply).

A follow-up appointment usually takes place 2-4 weeks after the initial consultation. 

In most cases, a programme of 4-6 months is advised to give opportunity for the body to heal, rebalance and make any necessary changes to lifestyle/nutrition.

Herbal medicines are sometimes offered. These do not provide a complete solution to any issue or imbalance experienced. They can however, support the body to cleanse of toxins and regain homeostasis and stability in the internal environment. The best results are achieved from a combined and committed practice which will usually include some lifestyle/diet changes. The measures taken may be tighter at the start of the treatment but are only temporary. 

We cannot heal in the 'same environment' in which any symptoms of dis-ease have developed.


OPTION 1 £180

4 Month Package

Initial Consultation (60-70 minutes)

3 x 30 minute follow-up monthly consultations


OPTION 2 £80
60 to 70 minute Initial Consultation

OPTION 3 £40

30 minutes follow up appointment.

(only available within 3 months of completing an Initial Consultation /4month package)

Appointments are currently Online via Zoom call. 

Available soon - In Person Consultation in Ewell Village.

Ayurvedic 'Marma' Massage Therapy

Ayurvedic Massage Therapy offers all the benefits of a relaxing and therapeutic massage, alongside tailored use of warm oil used with specific rhythmic techniques as well as slight pressure techniques to stimulate some of the key 'marma points'. The 'marma points' are key energy juncture points in Ayurvedic tradition. This supports the body and mind with relaxation and restores balance. 

Full Body (not including Face), 60 minutes £70

Full Body, Face and Head, 90 minutes £105

Shoulder, Head and Face, 45 minutes £55

Tuesday evenings, Saturday mornings at Surrey Hills Physiotherapy LTD.

Contact the Clinic for Booking

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