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UPCOMING and listed in date order.

Events, Workshops and Retreat/Immersion Days coming up with Ami and Friends.

For more information on upcoming residential retreats link here.

Rest and Meditation Circle
Monthly, First Friday of the Month, 7pm (some exceptions)
at St. Michael's The Sanctuary in Ewell Village
Upcoming Dates:  
3rd February (Awakening the Heart)
17th March

Yoga Practices for Deep Rest and Awakening.
No previous experience is necessary. 

Awaken Agni

Tending to the INNER FIRE

Spring Equinox.

Welcoming the new season.

Connecting to FIRE element through yoga asana, pranayama, rest and meditation practice.

Saturday 25th March, 2 to 5.15pm

at The Sussex Country Yurt, Horsham. 


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