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Yin Yang Yoga Retreat Day

with Ami and Alex

A divine interplay with universal energy and pure consciousness.
We will build strength, courage and confidence with very grounding yang practices and soften the edges to come to a place of ease in body and mind with deeply restful yin practices. 
With a sweet blend of 'Yin and Yang' yoga practices you will leave feeling a sense of balance, renewal and pure bliss...

Morning Session 9.30am

Grounding Yin/Yang Hatha Yoga Class

Breathing for Relaxation

Chakra Meditation (Understand the relationship between body energy, breath and mind)

Afternoon Session 1.30pm 

Restorative and Re-balancing Sound Meditation (Cellular Sound Massage)

Post-lunch gentle yoga asana to help cleanse, stimulate, aid, and encourage good digestive function

Sacred Sleep Yoga Nidra

Date: Friday 29th June, 9.30am to 4pm

Venue: Headley Village Hall, EPSOM KT18 6LD

Contribution: £75 FULL DAY or £40 HALF DAY

Complimentary Wholesome Lunch, Tea and Snacks for ALL booking options (lunch will be served between 12 and 1pm).

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